We’re building better tools for real estate investors to manage their business.

Our Flight Path

Over 8 of years of helping Flippers

September 2018

FlipPilot Launch

August 2017

Seller Lead Hacks Released

November 2015

LeadPropeller Fuel Online Marketing Services Launched

October 2015

Flipping Junkie Podcast Launched

May 2015

REImobile Launched

April 2014

LeadPropeller Launched

February 2013

Freedom By Flipping Course Released

December 2012

FreedomDriven LLC Formed

February 2010

Flipping Junkie Blog Started

Melissa and Danny Johnson, the Pilots

House Flipping Meets Software Development

Danny Johnson, the Pilot
Melissa and Danny met almost two decades ago while they were both working for a defense contractor in San Antonio, TX. They quickly became not only friends, but life partners, and eventually, business partners when they founded their house flipping business, Danny Buys Houses, in 2003. The freedom that real estate investing created for Danny, Melissa, and their family inspired them professionally to help others in the industry to achieve the same freedom. Since then they’ve established FreedomDriven, LLC which aims to assist others in the industry to achieve freedom through training, lead generation services, and software that allows investors to work on their business rather than in it.

Welcome Aboard

Sit back, put your tray table up, and let us automate your business

No matter what stage of your real estate investing business you’re in, we can help. We know what it’s like to feel like you’re spending more time dealing with all of the little details of your business just to keep it functioning properly, instead of focusing on how to expand and improve.

Even though it would be much easier, there is no, “secret to success,” when it comes to investing. You’re not going to get everything you need out of just one tool. That’s why at FreedomDriven, we’ve created multiple tools for you to confidently make that first deal and tools to scale and take your business to the next level. We offer training resources like FlippingJunkie, high-converting, customizable websites for investors through LeadPropeller, and brand new software to manage everything in one place so you can streamline your business in any and all aspects called FlipPilot.

Our Mission

To create true freedom for real estate investors through software and training

Our Promise

To provide an end-to-end solution real estate investors and their businesses

Our Vision

We believe real estate investors can achieve true freedom by building real businesses that can operate without them.